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American Property Construction provides a complete range of general contracting services in order to ensure proper control of the construction process. Our services include:

Preconstruction Services - American Property Construction is often asked to participate in a project from its conceptual beginnings. Tapping over 20 years of construction experience, we provide the Owner and the Architect with preliminary cost estimates at various phases of design development. During the early phases of design, we also prepare preliminary construction schedules; assure compatibility with site, review documents to assure constructability; assure availability of materials and identify long-lead items; and check for compatibility of the proposed design with the Owner's intent. This teaming effort in itself saves time and money for the Owner.

Budget - During the design phases APC will help the project team by confirming the concept budget, performing an update to the budget at design development, and using our long-standing relationships with suppliers and subcontractors to assure that costs are contained and within the parameters forecasted by the project team.

Value Engineering - Before construction begins, APC's project managers and estimators can meet with the various subcontractors and suppliers to provide value engineering suggestions to the owner and architect that are designed to save time and money without affecting the building's aesthetics. Over 20 years of experience gives us great insight into identifying which long lead items need to be ordered and any other money saving ideas that can help us build a project more efficiently.

Project Management - Our seasoned project managers all have field experience. This, along with their management skills, helps them better facilitate the work in the field. On each of our projects, the project manager works closely with the field superintendent to ensure that the overall work is of the highest quality. The project manager works directly with the architect and owner to disseminate information to the field. The management information systems used by our project managers are state of the art for the construction industry.

Field Management - American Property Construction has a highly qualified team of field superintendents who are responsible for the day-to-day operation of our projects. Each of our projects is assigned one superintendent who will work only on that project from the time it starts through punch list. Our superintendents have long-standing and successful relationships with many fine subcontractors, which helps ensure the success of our projects.

Job Costing and Accounting - Many of APC's clients choose to work on a guaranteed maximum cost basis. Our accounting department works closely with our project managers to accurately track costs. Our Timberline software packages gives us fully integrated job costing and accounting, so at any time we can give an accurate accounting of the costs of a project.

Project Follow-up - American Property Construction maintains a successful track record for follow up once a project has been completed. Our operation manuals are comprehensive tools that owners can use to find anything from paint colors to sophisticated systems incorporated into their project. Our long-standing presence in the community gives an owner the comfort to know that we will be there if an issue arises, or when they are ready to call on us for their next project.